Memories, missed comments, and trying to make sense

Berkeley, Sunday May 19, 2019 11:55 Pm

There are a couple of things that I have realized and thought in the last days. While I write what is in mind, it would be good to keep for records, and learnings. Those came late, might be because, there was finally some silence in the last days, and I also have been trying to get back at full capacity in a daily basis, which means active, organized, doing sports, writing a bit, having an daily activity schedule, which some how, I just relied on Google Calendar this semester, but I did not print my own spreadsheet of weekly activities, as I usually do, at least for reference and goals.

By writing this, I realizing that not having my weekly activity schedule printed out this semester, could have been a problem on getting overwhelm sometimes, or not feeling on control of things, rather complaining for getting behind, and also getting distracted on time that was supposedly to be assigned to work.

Anyways, I will write about efficiency and inefficiency in another post.

Anyways, two weeks ago, it came to my mind, what she meant by ‘if I were sober, I hope you know what I mean, I should just give you back the ring’. I did not understand, because she even does not drink. So I decided to check online, it referred to be in love. Even some articles were about addicted to love. OK.

I think I misunderstood other comment about the d.u.

Then, apparently, that night should be one of the three times she said I ignored her. Then the other two should be THE DAY, a Wednesday, three weeks before from that night, and the following Thursday, where I stayed up, reading, instead of celebrating her come back.

Update on 5/20. I forgot to mention yesterday that I think that on Friday 4/5, she also came to the studio for minutes, while I was not at home. I attended to a Ballet and Jazz performance. I noticed that she might have come because the cookies seemed to be less that when I left them in the morning.

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