Journal 5/19

Berkeley, Sunday May 19, 2019 11:14 PM

Wow, it is Sunday. this weekend passed too fast. It was OK in productivity, particularly new opportunities came on Friday. I started to work on those through Saturday, still many steps to fulfill it by May 31, but it is a good thing. Looking forward to it.

On Friday night, I had an interesting conversation with Luis about academics, politics, religion, and morals.

Saturday, as I said, it was a working day, after lunch.

I should have left Wurster after dinner. I was curios i which year my cousin got married, as it was of the examples, I brought about a month ago, a topic that came back to mind. In that curiosity, my cousin name was in genealogy website. I expended then some hours, exploring my genealogy tree from the information was there. I left Wurster at 1 AM.

The thing was that I did not scheduled anything in the night. While the outcome was for my interest, I should leave Wurster before dinner and either do work or what is in the agenda after dinner.

Blogging is OK. By doing I remember things that I did or often I did not do, and analyze. I also take away things that are sitting on my mind, and get some learnings.

On Sunday, I got breakfast at 9 AM, which is a bit late. I went to mass, and I also went for confession, though in my case, I my blog myself might my own confession. However, there are differences, which I can refer now as methods, which I should investigate more about the sacrament itself. It is a place, where one has some relief, and if the interpreter or interlocutor is doing his job well, one gets good advice. Blogging is for my own seek of analysis. One call more in mistakes because is aware of the confession and Eucharist relations, and because how in peace is in daily basis. I try to be honest in blog, and I remember that about 9 months ago, I was called that I do not write too much about my learnings but more about my mistakes. I am OK with that. In the process of education the person I helped to introduce to the Catholic doctrine, I reducing my frequency of going for confession. I remember I got a question about what I did wrong, and some suspicion, same if I do not participate in the Eucharist at mass. However, it is the inner voice, and might be the conscience, the one who calls for confession/spiritual advice, and dictates if oneself is ready to receive communion that week. That self weekly analysis cannot determinate if a person is wrong for not participating in the communion. While the purpose is to be always ready for it, my point is just to leave that personal. Those terms might change in close relationships, where yes there can be the conversation of what is going on, if they do not know already first, before one go for the sacrament of reconciliation, and be ready for communion.

I see how a short reporting topic led me to others.

A graduating colleague from my department was generous and kind on invite me for her graduation ceremony, and post to a dinner celebration. Still, I received the invitation for two persons.

In prior years, I have collaborated in the Landscape Architecture Ceremony in Blake Garden. This year was my first time I attended to the CED ceremony, which was on Zellerbach Hall. It was great to see my professors in the stage, with those caps and gowns, as well my fellow students.

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