Fight more

Berkeley, Saturday April 13, 2019 1:0 0 PM

For a long time I have fallen in the trap to be always thinking in the things that I need to do.

It produces some negative, rather than the excitement that brings the purpose of doing those things.

Taking few time off for sports, praying, arts watching/performing, analysis, keep me moving forward.

I also have to say that I have not closed my previous chapter. If there is something I might did wrong over the last months is bringing some negative and pressure, by focusing too much on what I have to do, rather on the purpose.

I continue working on the way of doing my work effectively, but I do not hold back in the purpose of my work, and on the purpose of the great news that decided to propose to Jian on April 3.

Unfortunately, my message seems that went across as fulfillment of personal goals and fulfillment of just commitments. However, looking back, I have been fighting to keep advancing with what I really felt.

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