Berkeley, Thursday, April 4, 2019 4:35 PM

I have been in a rush, and that made make many mistakes. Is it sustainable to live on a trial-and-error process?

The problem is when I affect others. I used Jian’s time from around 10:45 PM yesterday to today’s 11 AM. 12 hours, subtracting about 7:30 hours of sleep, end up in 4 to 5 hours of her working time, for which she had a deadline at 3:30 PM.

The topic was very important. Our life path. Making effective this scenario in the wrong time with the inadequate ring. Being impulsive, while helps to do some things, also lead to make mistakes.

This post is not about executing promises made in prior conversations with Jian, which was needed to do.

Thought, I am often analytical and plan. I might be just did not follow my intuition when buying the ring.

Regarding the timing of the proposition question, we had a small fight before on that night, which could have gone in other directions. Jian was anxious for her deadline. Her emotions were on edges. On my side, I had to kept my surprise plan, for which I was feeling extremely bad for the ring I chose, which was not cheap at all by the way.

In the level of stress that Jian was, I put an extra pressure on her, to execute, what we have committed for.

The yes lasted 8 hours of sleep.

What is my role, if I could not waited to weekend at least? Was I thinking on myself?

In prior times, Jian asked me things went I was busy or we either fought. In any case, it is my role to preach with example, and to contain the impulsions?

Often, things with impulsions are more meaningful, unfortunately it would have affected her performance in one essay.

I do not regret bringing up the question, as a clarification or execution was needed. So far our relationship was in that way.

What surprised me is how dump and slow I was in the aftermath.

Did I tried everything? It looks like, and the decision, apparently goes beyond her own decision. Is there any part in our story that I missed?

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