How much to ask before annoying or being annoyed?

Berkeley, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:35 AM

The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1943), when had a question never gave up until the question or request will be answered.

I, usually, have the same approach, however, there is a point when my instinct, or whatever internal voice I have, alert me to do not ask anymore and just move on.

Perhaps that voice looks for the right opportunity, rather to stay confused.

It is hard to let pass, even insignificant things, which have attracted my attention, but there were a question or a request attached to it, which remained unsolved.

Should we play fool sometimes and just choose which battles to fight, or to ask?

I will highly discourage that, while confusion is part of the learning process, according a master in Education friend, misunderstanding could be a problem.

When to stop if do not find a solution for insignificant things?

Is it better to move on, save time and not annoying, because there are things that are not important?

Since September 11, I have become more active in social media. It was interesting. While I prefer the active than the passive approach, being active will make check more often the phone. This last part is about training, and to stick to the original goals, of checking about two times per day, and no more than 20 to 30 minutes in total.

It is good to be present there.

I checked once a profile, and came up with a question of how come that some post that are public originally, are customized in one of tagged profiles, however, not all of them.

While I am fairly clear about how what is a custom audience from a post, there is a unresolved mystery there, for two posts, with any action of changing settings by the Facebook user.

I decided to throw that unresolved case to the trash bin of other unresolved cases, and just move on focusing in the relevant things.

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