A month with Jian

Berkeley, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:17 AM

September seems that was a long month.

Time is relatively. I often correlate time with how many things have been done.

September was, definitely, an active month in my life, and in some ways not all my decisions are only driven my own preferences and time management anymore.

Perhaps, it is irrelevant to talk about time management, if things are still moving on with good willing.

Thank you Jian for your teachings, free spirit, commitment, and for walking through life with light luggage, keen to learn, to collaborate, and without complicating things too much.

I am happy that Jian and I are together. Actually, I am amazed, happy, surprised, and proud from the efforts that both of us are putting into the relationship.

There has been a very nice mix of passion, understanding, enthusiasm and mutual support.

There were some struggles and hard moments as well, which is good that they are present, and test our capacity and willing for problem solving.

The good have overshadowed any other aspect. Looking forward to keep walking and learning through life with Jian.

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