Wonderful life

Berkeley, Friday September 28, 2018 11:28 PM

Tracking back in the learning curve of my life, since 2008, the curve has been going in a accelerated beautiful positive steep slope. Although, there have been many difficulties that I have encounter in the way, and as I described life has a sinusoidal shape, it does not oscillate around an horizontal axis. The trendline between the moving on, overcoming hard times, facing challenges, and learning from lessons and failures has a steep positive slope.

Those days, the topic about the Catholic religion has been in the table in our conversations with Jian.

I just recall my return to the Catholic Faith, around March 2009, after a year of distance. My intellectual curiosity was keen to learn, plus a soul looking for Spiritual healing.

There were no better teachings to learn about love, forgive, and the path of stand up for true, independently of how hard it would be.

I would like to acknowledge and to say thank you to Fr. Gustavo Rosales, who among other Spiritual mentors that I have had in my life, provided me guidance to a life of service in my daily actions.

What a fulfilling life, and how fulfilling and thoughtful have been intentions and decisions, even before that return to the Catholic doctrine, but much more powerful and meaningful since my return to the Catholic Faith, since 2009. I was blessed to have a good mentor as Fr. Gustavo.

There have been many teachings, empirical practices of the Catholic learnings and applications to my daily work, relationships, intentions, actions, words, decisions, time spending, and more. I acknowledge the learnings from Fr. Gustavo, with a song he displayed in a half day retreat, during his first year at the San Roque Parish, in Cuenca, Ecuador: Wonderful Life by Zucchero.



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