Back to perform at full capacity

Berkeley, Thursday, September 28, 2018 12:26 PM

I was able to convince myself and to convince the Doctor that I back to work at full brain and energy capacity after being diagnosed a mild concussion on Monday, with mild brain injury, as a result of hitting my head against a bended tree on Saturday, September 22 about 3:00 PM.

After learning in detail about the concussion diagnosis, I have been paying extra attention to symptoms. I slowed down a little bit, but not too much, my activities. I stayed up to date with grading the timely submitted assignments. There are few late submissions of old assignments, which I will grade them over the weekend. I also have been writing about one page per day, however, in this process I also realized my need of creating or improving my intellectual work for not only process and summarize information, but also build comparisons between authors and their theories. I need much more improvement in this practice. Still, applying my empirical approach, of learning or realizing things as I move forward.

Furthermore, in this slowed down pacing of my activities, I also have dedicated normal amount of quality time to talk, interact and stay with Jian. Perhaps, I even talked too much yesterday. It has been nice conversations as we continue building a clear and sincere path toward our common goal, by enjoying time, strengthen insecurities and acknowledging and learning lessons from our own mistakes in our daily activities.

Playing tennis on Monday was not a good idea. It worsened the pressure in my head. I practice tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM. Yesterday, I played during the warm up time, but stopped right after 10 minutes, acknowledging the recovery recommendations from the concussion handout. I still stayed the full hour observing, learning few techniques, and as I joked, though I did not fully do, coaching and criticizing. Two things on which, ‘we’, academics are experts.

Music of life is flowing. I am ready to synchronize to it at full speed again. October is a key month in my life.

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