Concussion. The results created confusion, but what is the conclusion?

Berkeley, Tuesday, September 25, 2018. 11:31 AM

I hit my head to a bended tree in a hike on Saturday afternoon around Lake Anza.

It was a foolish hit. We were a group of four, who went for a picnic lunch. After the lunch, we started a short hike finding our way out by surrounding the lake.

The hit happened right after lunch, a few steps from our picnic place, on our way out. Our picnic place was in the lake bank on the opposite site from the beach. Sarah took the front place in the walk. Luciana, who is about a head shorter than me, was second. I was third, and I was holding hands with Jian, who was fourth.

Perhaps Luciana passed easily under the beneded tree. I was paying attention to the conversation that Sarah and I were having. While hit momentum was generated just my walking speed, somehow I managed to hit strongly my upper left part of my head to the tree.

There are some rules about distances in between groups while hiking, and rules about give heads up to person behind while encountering a danger. We did not apply any of these. Of course, I am the only responsible from my hit.

I needed a nap after the hike, when I arrived home. 4 PM. Perhaps, because we had few short nights in previous days, which have been fine and active.

I skated on a skateboard after my 50 minutes nap. 5 PM. It was my first skateboarding lesson, taught by Matti, a German friend, who also turns out to have teaching abilities. Not everyone can teach, what they know. It might be a born talent or a built up talent.

Things have been moving on with my academic activities and daily duties since the hit on Saturday, but yes, I slowed down a bit Sunday as well. I needed a 1 hour 20 minutes nap in the afternoon.

I definitely felt that something was going on in the head. At the end, it was a hit. While the body naturally recovers, it might need few time for that.

Jian, took a key role to persuade me to go and check with a Doctor. I agreed. I support to react promptly to any personal health and care situations. On Monday, 8:30 AM, Jian and I, went to the Tang Center. I already did the appointment the on Sunday afternoon.

The Doctor made me a test, which consisted on some questions for testing my alertness, memory, and motricity. There were word memory games and I also had to do some movements with my head while keeping my eyes to a specific object.

The result of the test was that I got a mild concussion.

Interesting finding. The level was 2 out of a scale of 6, where 6 is a severe concussion and 0 is not concussion.

Then come my confusion, based on the results and instructions. I have been paying extra attention to my actions and performances. While I have enough energy to work, and I have being asking to friends and my girlfriend to challenge me with memory test, the instructions requested me to rest for recovering.

I would agree that something is ongoing up there in my brain. I know that is not bad, and my body is recuperating fast. My performance on classes at noon and my follow up activities were good.

I also did exercise in the night. I played one hour of tennis. I worked some additional hours in the night as well.

I agree that I got a mild contusion, but I can feel that is something temporal, and just had the impact of make me more aware of my performance, and perhaps more careful about by head and brain, which I think I have been so far. I rely on my brain for my work.

Second, I enjoyed all these memory tests, and gave me some ideas for making games for preparing to my qualification exams, with the authors, date, and ideas that have been shaping the fields on which I am working: landscape planning, watershed planning, water management, sediment management, energy planning.

I just want to let my ‘audience’ or my ‘records’ know that I am fine, but paying attention to how the brain is recovering itself from this mild contusion.

Resilience and self-recovery in nature is beautiful.





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