First step. A key habit to take it to keep life moving on

Berkeley, Monday, September 24, 2018 00:42 AM

Perhaps simple to say, but this is the most pragmatically habit for getting things done. Just start it.

There is a lot of resistance in our comfort zones for doing difficult things. Sometimes, I used to delay things, which I could have already started, for a better time.

One of my best learnings is that not matter how much time I have, even when I have less is better, because then I am under some pressure and with deadlines for changing activities, the best thing is to start doing. If it is an assignment or an essay or buying something or doing an reimbursement or printing or whatever needs to be done, just start it. In the case of academic work, just starting early by creating the file is a big step for keep moving on. If is a decision or an invitation for doing an interesting activity, the worst answer would be ‘I confirm you later’, unless that we really need to check in our calendars and we do not have them with us at that moment. The best decision is to schedule right away, when the idea or invitation comes.

Same applies for answering emails, planning or everything. This hint of just starting and keep doing activities, it is a very active lifestyle. There is not much room for inactive leisure, which I describe as just lying down in a bed and watching TV or checking the phone. Rather, in this active lifestyle is a continuous rolling on of activities, where the leisure might be other way of activity entertainment such us sports, music, art, reading, writing, spending time with girlfriend, friends, family, etc.


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