Planning and the importance of scheduling

Berkeley, Thursday, September 20, 2018 10:34 PM

I aimed, when I started to write this blog post,  to write everyday. I do not recall any  wasted time since last Friday, since when I have not been writing my blog in a daily basis as the three previous weeks. I stick to my goals, I am catching up with the posts since Friday. Therefore, this post belongs to Sunday, September 16, 2018.

Planning and scheduling are excellent habits in life. I enjoy spontaneous things in life, but there is nothing better to get a plan and to stick to it.

It is beautiful than Jian and I are walking towards our common goals as priority in our lives.

It is also very important that each of us do well in our own independent responsibilities.

I am in a writing challenge, which is a fascinated journey through the literature, for complete preparation essays for my qualifications exams by the end of October. For that purpose, I am breaking down the literature, meaning going to specific points in the literature, on watershed planning, water management, and sediment management. The goal is that after completing this review, I can be able to contribute with new insights to the this field of knowledge through my research.

The planning models that I am developing are not limited to the watershed hydrological boundaries, and neither just limited to water and sediment management, there are important acknowledge and cooperation with the energy planning sector and with the use of resources outside of the basin.

I am building up my blocks by reading and writing at this point. Deadlines are important, and I must speed this up, as I am required to write three preparation essays for qualification exams.

There is enjoyment in being active, multitasked, doing sports, etc, but there is not better joy of fulfill tasks and goals. My message, here, is that for reaching those goals, I will add two hours in my schedule for reading and writing about watershed management.

My schedule has specific activities, where I normally I am interacting with other people, or about few specific habits, such as waking up time, praying, meal times, sport times, time to go to bed. While I have allocated a time slot in my current schedule for this blog, I left open free times, for preparing for my qualification exams, and for doing other multiple tasks. The result is that I am not working on them everyday at the same times, and then it has been easy to do other activities, instead to prioritize my writing.



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