Coherence and respect

Berkeley, Saturday September 8, 2018 11:40 PM

The only way to gain respect from others is by showing respect.

Today, it was an interesting day, still creative in the morning. I woke up at 6:40 AM, did laundry, met Jian, and we went for breakfast together at downtown Berkeley. Her favorite cafeteria, PiQ. It was a good breakfast, bread, tomato, mozzarella, ham, and a expresso.

The interesting thing to break our commons walks is that we biked. We used the Ford Go bikes in front of Strada.

Subsequently, it was a working day in the morning. I wrote a very quick blog post from yesterday. I learned important aspects, further, as I prepared the material for the Colloquium for Wednesday, selected the readings, and created a short assignment based on the readings.

While I was close to finish, we needed to leave at 12:15 PM to get for lunch at I-House, before they close. Effectively, we arrived to I-House about 12:47 PM, and I had 8 minutes to get my washed clothes from the drier, and go to the dining hall on time to get lunch. I ate salmon, with a cover of rice and eggs, pork, and salad, which I made by picking up carrots, celery, pepper, and lettuce. We talk about capitalism and free market with Jian over lunch, shared some of the salad, and an orange.

I tried to work on making up the assignment right away lunch, but I was a bit tired, to refocus quickly, and rather I needed to do some other readings to reactive the brain in fast working mode. I also had few sleep in previous nights, but there has not been time wasted so far, getting things done, moving on, making few mistakes, which is OK, but there has been not much space for random things.

I did a 30 minutes reading in a topic important for Jian and I, by random search. While, I gain some insights, still i cannot recall the references, it was by Googling it.

About 4:00 PM, I went to Newman Hall. I had important questions for a priest. I know how affected has been the Catholic Church. Still, there are wise men there, who promote meaningful life, and provide important advice. I got explanation and clarification for an important question from the priest.

Around 5 PM, I went to Wurster Hall to work. Still, a bit tired, and had to start again, did some reading, but I was falling asleep. Thus, I decided to take a nap in a coach that is in the PhD room. I aimed for a 10 minutes nap, but I ended up sleeping 1H30 minutes.

Further, I went back to complete the assignment, and announcements. Again, dinner time came, with few work needed for setting up the assignment. I arrived to I-House at 7:57 PM, got a quick short dish, but still I stayed over dinner for about 30 – 40 minutes. It was not a good decision, because the goal was a quick stop, without missing the ideas that I was developing before dinner.

While coherence and respect, beyond being present in most of previous paragraph, the title came, yes by one of the previous paragraphs, regarding coherence, and respect regarding a short word that I made at dinner. A person was sit in front of me at dinner for few minutes before he left saying random things, I said this guy is a bit crazy. I do not like doing such as things that it is why I recall my comment, and I might let him know directly.

The post dinner time, indeed, needed again energy and focus to restart, so I went through reading again, but I ended up understanding well the topic, including an important question in the assignment, and feel better prepare for this topic that I will moderate on Wednesday.

In one old post, I said, the interest of have a interview forum radio program has raised on me. This job as moderator and coming up with question, when the audience has not more questions, has been interesting and the closer related to the interviewer.

I finished my job my 10:00 PM, as I set that as deadline, for the next activity. Again, recalling older posts, it is magnific to set deadlines, and to have multiple activities. It is a push to get or at this try to get the things done, and move on the next activity.

Looking forward for tomorrow activities.




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