Updates from Friday

Berkeley, Saturday September 8, 2018 10:26 AM

While I am writing this post on Saturday, this corresponds to a quick summary of Friday September 7, activities.

It was an very active day, and I run of out time at the end for writing the blog.

Despite getting a short sleep, the day started at 7:06 AM.

I got an extension for my essay for Monday, without asking for it, because there were a change in the schedule of the professor.

It was an active working day, with a very good Spanish lunch at I-House, which was an effective short break for my work day.

Yesterday, I played a tennis tournament at 7 PM. It was a good push for getting work done by 6 PM. I ate a quick dinner, and showed up for the match.

I had own support. Thanks to my girlfriend to coming to cheer. Still, the support was not enough to improve my tennis level to beat my opponent. It was a nice experience, anyways, to be back in competition. It is different that just hitting the ball hard. Some useful skill that build up in competition beyond the tennis skills are strategy, concentration, winning mindset, preparation with goals, ability to stay focused fighting until the end of the match, and learning to handle the nerves and the pressure to play, and win. Good experience.

Then I showed up for one hour to a social event at Newman Hall, and went back to I-House.

The challenges for the weekend are to advance with my paper, prepare readings and assignments for the colloquium, and if there is some time remaining, which will be not very realistic given the Monday deadline, to advance with administrative work for our river restoration course.

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