Back to tennis and a quick overview on my sports history

Berkeley, Saturday August 25, 2018 5:47 PM

Today, I went back to the tennis courts after 24 days of stop. Since the beginning of Spring 2018, I have been playing tennis quite consistently once or twice per week.

My stop was because I went to the woods, at Sagehen Creek Research Field Station, for 7 days, for running the logistics of a class on River Restoration. At some point, Sagehen Creek and that class.

Then, there have been other logistics, but also a change in the student populations. Living in a student city, and in a student residence friends, neighbor, and tennis partners, usually move away, at least from International House, after about one year of stay.

My tennis level is intermediate/advance. I started played when I was 9 years old and stopped when I was 16. Then, I stopped for 10 years. During my 17s and 18s, I played racquetball. Between my 22 and about 25, I played soccer in a about once per week basis.

Since Spring 2013, 26 years old, I have been back to the courts. It was while studying a master in Water Resources Engineering in Belgium. I lived in a student residence. Having good infrastructure at the University was a key aspect, plus an advanced level tennis class was offered.

In addition, I had two classmates, Carlos and Justin who were tennis players, plus there was a PhD student, Pablo, who was born in same home town, Cuenca, Ecuador, who also played tennis. Thus, we made a habit to play tennis weekly.

It was good that Pablo and his family move back to Cuenca, Ecuador, about the same time that I finished my studies in Belgium, and went back to Ecuador in September 2014, for working, while I also decided to take next steps in my studies of rivers, sediments, and water infrastructure, and decided to apply to UC Berkeley for a PhD.

Between September 2014 and July 2016 that I was in Ecuador, before I moved to the United States, I keep playing every week.

In Berkeley, I had not established my tennis habit until Spring 2018, although, I did played during Spring 2017. I stopped during Summer 2017, because I traveled all over the world, some places in the US, in addition to China, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. I will describe this at ones, those were either events from Fulbright, congresses, or field work that I did in South America.

Unfortunately, I did not made a time for tennis during the Fall 2018, as I was “busy”, or just trying to get things organized, which resulted not very productive.

Tennis is good for my productivity, but a;sp I do not like to lose when I played.

Today, that I am back to the courts, I played against a former High School Team Tennis player from LA, Alex. It was an easy match for him. The final result was 6-0.

Fortunately, there will be an opportunity for a rematch.

[After writing or just reporting activities and thoughts, I also believe that I just let others to speak about the good things, while I focus in the things that I need to improve]

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