Figuring out actions and times to call it a day and to have a productive next day

Berkeley, Friday, August 24, 2018. 2:40 PM

After a productive week, I stayed working yesterday until midnight. Part of the plan was to post an assignment later in the night. I already posted some work and instructions.

A friend organized a seminar on campus today about the relationships between cities and rivers across time throughout the world. It was a 3 hours seminar at 10 AM.

Yesterday, I figured out the he might need help with the logistics for setting up the classroom for the seminar.

When I woke up today, I read a e-mail sent at 6:30 AM that effectively he needed help as we expected 41 attendants to come.

I showed up at 9:35 AM to help. Brought a sign-in sheet, and helped to prepare some coffee and snacks.

The unseen part of the story is that I broke my discipline yesterday. A problem with long time of working is, of course the need, of relaxing time to boost energy, and also to get a good sleep everyday is key to stay active and with the brain and senses a good capacity.

After I arrived to my dorm to sleep at midnight, changed to comfortable clothes to sleep, go to the bathroom, do few abs and push ups, I decided to lay on the bed and check the cellphone. I updated about some news, check few musical videos among new songs, and the winners of the Voice.

Something to always avoid is to bring an electronic device to bed. Bed is a place, depending on age, relationship status, ect., predominantly to sleep or to have sex.

Checking the cellphone or any other device at that time that my brain was already quite ready to sleep, just reactivated. I ended up sleeping about 1:50 AM, or I would say I ended up wasting about 1:30 AM. Today, I woke up about 8:15 AM. Learned quickly that my help was needed on campus, I skipped breakfast, and the morning was not as productive as it should be.

Anyways, the afternoon is ongoing, time to deal with duties as they come.

I am sending out a massive announcement of a professor’s lecture for next week in the colloquium on rivers that I lead. I also need to prepare the assignment for the participants, among other stuff.

Few take-aways: (i) One of the best things to do is to help others, even when time is limited. (ii) Stay connected to the daily situations in the surroundings, and it is OK to be a bit disconnected with additional news or entertainment that is happening elsewhere. (iii) Avoid bringing a cellphone to the bed at night.

I normally drink coffee only in the mornings, and I do not drink often tea. Yesterday, I was refilling often a cup of tea during the afternoon while working, plus I ate some snacks about 11 PM, which also could have keep me awake longer that I should.

Back to work, and would see how far these daily sharing experiences go.

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