Political thoughts, but I guess for procrastinating for 22 minutes

Berkeley, Tuesday, March 30, 2021 12:30 PM

How much we need to read, beyond the news from current events, from history so we can be much prepared to have stronger criteria and opinions about current events, be better informed to take decisions, increase faith, be critic, and much more.

Few days ago, I was for a long time away from my in-depth readings, and I was started checking too often the political news about Ecuador.

Now that I more or less see it from a greater perspective, I will withhold my comment about posible voting from Arauz. Despite he would be a good and prepared candidate, who speaks several languages, it seems that history has show that the more autonomous are the smaller populations within a large, well organized, effective, fair, and knowledgable large system the better is a country. I still strongly believe that Federal systems with independent fiscal, judiciary governmental branches, and with well distributed electoral independent regions, counties, and towns work very well. Yet, everything should report and contribute to the larger government, but the larger government is not an oppressor of the people. The latter of course everyone would agree, but it would be hard to identify right on time. One reason is that government also is responsible to provide its citizens safety, and to prevent, fight or avoid social chaos within the country. The latter is an action that a government would need to take to protect its citizens but then it comes the questions about the fragile boundaries between freedom, civil order, civil obedience, safety, and anarchy.

If my numbers and just ok knowledge about political history, we have about 6,000 years of written history of democracies, or organized states. The are many books written about the rise and fail of civilizations either by economics, democracies, environmental hazards, germs, wars, or pandemics. There is an important need to be well informed.

Briefly before closing those quick thoughts I wanted to write down. My next question is what history tell us about the opening borders and particularly opening markets. Is that better for a civilization to grow? In modern times, the latter option of opening markets seems to be an important factor for development.

While I am not registered to vote for the coming elections in Ecuador, still each time I think of it, it is easier to me to give my vote to Arauz-Rabascall than to Lasso-Borrero.

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