Berkeley, Tuesday, March 9, 2021 8:29 Pm

I am writing this before dinner, to which I will read an article first, post it bCourses, and then I will eat dinner.

Anyways, while I am writing this, I also think if I would post it on Twitter if I have already recreated my account. My answer is that not, perhaps because I do not know this person in person. However, I had to write somewhere my solidarity to Governor Cuomo. He already acknowledged that he would have done some wrong doing, I do not the details, but it seems it won’t go far from some words, and I believe him that he did not had some more lusty intentions. I think he knew about the troubles, and at least he seems to have some morals. But as I said I do not know the details. I still hope that he stay strong in the position, even a wrong doing might not necessarily destroy a political figure or a person, further if he is not lying, and is capable to recognize mistakes and publicly apologize for them. Besides this action, I think Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be capable to be a good leader, to articulate well problems and actions in order to inform to people. Perhaps of course he might felt into the vanity tramp, after his popularity was high during late Spring and Summer in 2020, for his, for many, good management of the COVID1-9 situation in New York. He has received, however, critics, of not being honest about deaths in nursery houses, I am not informed about that, neither I understand it fully. I am not willing to read that case, at least for not, for time purposes, but if I have to make a endorsement, even if I am the only one interested on my endorsement, I will check that case more carefully. So far, though, it is very early, Governor Andrew Cuomo, at least in my opinion, looked as a strong presidenciable candidate for 2024 elections. That road is long, and many obstacles appears on it of course, I am just wishing he can continue focused on his work, and further set a target as a candidate for either 2024 or 2028, more likely will be 2028, as there is a current democratic chief on office, but I hope he could set that as goal. He will be a strong and good leader. For politic correctness, and more likely for whole life, he might need a romantic partner though. Private aspects is another issue, and the recent break up could have lead to those inappropriate request of favors, such as ask for help to find a girlfriend. I think that is the only one I heard of. Again, I have not paid that much attention. The other one, seems it was the one he was joking for a hot dog sausage size. The supposedly victim, says that she viewed it as joke, and she was not uncomfortable with that. Again I am not well informed of the exact facts of the sexual harassment accusations. But as it seems so far, I am against of the removal of Andrew Cuomo from office. I am making my judgement just based on what I saw about him during late Spring and early Summer, and based on a couple of interviews I listened to. One of those was an interview with Michael Krasny in KQED. He seems prepared to be a good leader of the country. In the path there are enemies, and we should mind our actions, but not allow to be let down too easily. Who knows about the person who comes next, and as he said, he was elected by the people. Of course there is opposition, charges, and so. Somewhen in the news, when I check I will learn about the findings from the Attorney who is making the investigation of the case. Meanwhile, he should not renounce, and Gov. Cuomo has my support.

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