Life currents

Berkeley, Thursday, February 25, 2021 1:12 AM

I am opening again this site to the public again today. I forgot when I closed it, but I saw a random post on December 22, 2020, which is about two months ago.

This is I think the second reopening of this site. Another time I closed it was between June 11 and September 22, which was for about three months.

I believe in public life, public opinion, unless at least of analysis, accountability, and of sharing of perhaps mistakes, or other errors that we Catholics call sins.

It is also a space for either leave the thoughts away, and for reorganizing the mind.

In the new place that I am living in Berkeley, since August 1, 2020. The day around I was victim of some disorder of action of others and almost of some corruption, which I was able to stop it, and to claim what it is right, and receive the right amount of a buyout process. At least the one that was offered, even if it was not that high. On that day, I also hit my head, I think due to some negligence of the worker of the building who offered help. He parked his pick up truck in a place in the underground where the distance there was not enough distance, at least for me, 5’6″, for standing on the truck, and for organizing some mats, in order to protect my furniture. Furniture, which I carried that day, and boxes the days after, even with that concussion.

In the 2020, I received a kind of bad practice and wrongly billing from a dentist. The latter part of it is something I still need to solve.

The bad practice, hopefully, last week I went to a good dentist, not in the list of contractors of my compulsory insurance, but I think it will be still covered. It is the second dentist I see to solve the bad practice from a year ago. The other dentist I saw in September was not able to solve any pain in the tooth neither. The interesting thing, I didn’t have any pain before going to the dentist in January last year. I just went because, I haven’t gone to a dentist for about five years. So the dentist from September had modern technology, but not necessarily a good criteria.

Finally, last week, someone had an excellent criteria with basic technology. I have only one tooth with a filling. So the fillings I got last year, whether needed or not, particularly the second one, who said wanted to fix the first one, did not fixed at all, but of course it charged as well. Fortunately, this at least charged just for x-rays, which I do not know if I needed, and the filling. So it charged the actual costs. The first one from January last year, invented items to charge to the insurance company. I have both bills, the actual one and the one from the insurance to verify testify that case.

Life continues, the later one accessed that the filling was not well leveled, so each time I bite my nerve was being affected. They have not charged me anything yet, though I have now two scheduled visits, the important is he leveled the filling. He also explained something about that the new filling was on top of an older one I had in that teeth back in 2005. Only my teeth either number 18 or 19, is the only one, which has a filling. I have not root canals, crowns, or anything else.

Honesty, it is the only thing one can expect in any profession. Then, one can clearly explains to others.

Of course, I can forgive things, and back around August or September, I reached out the first Dr. to let her know about these issues.

I am not making here a fully detail accounting of events, though I can do it at any time.

The think of the concussion is over, I am typing normally. I am doing my activities. I am restarting to exercise everyday.

It is interesting that between January 2020 and August 2020, I think I increased around 3 Kg. And then since August to now, February 2021, I have increased around 4 Kg more. For about 10 years or more my weight use to be 63 Kg. Now, it is around 70 Kg, and it is not that I have gone to gym to gain muscle. I am not even biking those days. The answer, walnuts, and perhaps using a car for some features, but who knows, I hope that also it is not related to that dentist. I know that it is not, but it was an inflection point, plus the lockdown of course.

Well, finally, after a somehow intensive and full of pressure some direct and indirect aggressions and challenged communication during Fall, and a kind of distracted, unstructured, and unorganized time during winter break and beginning of the Spring semester, I am able to breath again and reorganize things.

I got distracted in another tap, and decided to delete a sentence that I just wrote. There is something simple about writing it is a continuos process, the first draft. Revisions comes later. Bing writing is not really a thing. A short essay unfinished, unless it is aimed to write it in parts, does not have much perspective to be finished. Rather, it should be re-written again.

In this blog, or website, which I will reconstruct, and make it nicer at some point again, I will openly share plenty of experiences, at least of my experiences.

There are plenty of think to say, and sometimes I see those bars of number of readers, well I do not know if those are real people. I also understand that some things I would say would give some bad impressions, but I am confident about myself and my good purposes, even at some times where I am too close to risky situations, un conceived situations, etc, I am there for curiosity, to learn more about life, but I often party to not fail into temptations and to be delivered from evils.

It might be a good idea to reopen a Facebook account, but will see, and unless Twitter. I just wanted to sent an e-mail with a critic to a journalist in Ecuador, the only think I found was a Twitter account.

Public life, so likely problems, defense of values, defense of faith, defense of others lives are about to come back again. It will be for the best of a more sustainable future, which I think is an active, truthful, and connected society.

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