Off track but fresher.

Berkeley, Thursday, November 12, 2020 1:33 AM

Another day where I wish I could have accomplished more than I did.

But at least I got time to bike to buy essential things to the bike such as an air pump, and a base to the lights, which were broken. I biked to to additional places, and had time to buy grocery. Whole nuts. I mean nuts with the full case are back.

Did some cleaning, and have been dealing to best strategy to have two electric heaters running without making the breakers collapse. They collapsed multiple times already in the dark. But I found a solution, and the place is warm enough now. Until last weekend, before I bought those handy heaters it was freezing. I do not know now if running the heater power with natural gas in this place and on my prior one, which basically is having a flame running for heating the place had any potential side effects. It might have had. Such as a bit of fatigue, difficult to speak, among others, including diarrhea, at least once. Anyways, we are doing great creating healthier indoors environments. Charcoal and burning heating with natural gas should be taking away periodically from indoor environments around the world. For achieving that we need to push forward and faster on clean energy generation on site and for larger scales.

I need to move faster on my academics, but a lot is a matter of determination for staying focused for longer periods of time. I set up activities, coordinate others, and made a bit of progress on a project on which I am behind. Perhaps, not even progress, but just to refocus, where did I left it until May.

Politics are the sensation now. I even did my own spreadsheets to see if some states should have been called or not yet. i thought North Carolina should have been called way ago, but it seems they had a different deadline for the mail ballots. Despite that the margin error was too big for a potential flip on that state. I thought the nine election media who have permission to report results have waited too long on that state.

With regard to the political analysis, I do not understand why President Trump has not conceded yet. I understand the arguments about cancelling culture, and the prior lost war about the mailing ballots. But elections are defined with the already decided rules. Recounting cannot go anywhere. Margin of errors, if any, are not representative to make changes to the outcome. At least I think.

Over the last days I have read books, watched news. Over the last month watched a couple of films and documentaries. Hemingway, the old man and the sea is great. I read it twelve years ago in Spanish. I watched the film from 1948. It is interesting the difference in details in current films and old films. I also read Power and Glory by Graham Green. Good author. It makes things clear. The film the Fugitive, from the 1950s was not that good, but had a message. Talking about pace, I watched Hamilton. A rap of the history of one of the founding fathers from the USA. Very good musical play. I do not think they were too fair with Madison role, but the play is about Hamilton, so one can increase knowledge from there.

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