Memorial and the story of the sand bucket

Berkeley, June 5, 2020 6:47 PM

Under the civil unrest of the current times, which makes some sense, particularly I am grateful for the peaceful protests and the clear message. Whatever was the reason the cops came and decided to put George Floyd down, is wrong. The reason was an issue about a packet of cigarettes in a store, in Minneapolis, MN. Either one was the issue you should not kill a brother or a sister. I am sharing, here, the New York Times investigative video for the records

A lesson that comes to my mind to is a quote by St. Moses the Black (330 – 405 A.D.), who was one of the Desert Fathers. Please search around who was St. Moses, who became, and particularly search the story when the council of brothers was to assemble to judge a brother monk, I forgot now for what. St Moses refused to go initially. Then, he decided to attend to meeting carrying a bucket packet with sand with a hole in the bottom, which of course was dropping a line of sand behind him. He said something like this, when his brother asked, what was that about:

My sins are like sand run out behind me, where I cannot see them, and I am supposed to judge my brother who stands before me? [1]

To understand the story better you need to see who was Moses, how as former robbers he entered the monastery, as was the only place he found to escape for some people who was following him, or perhaps his band. However, after entering the monastery, he just was amazed on the dedication, discipline, and life of the monks. It seems he was accepted and became one of them. After, some years, he defended the monastery from a group of vandals, who intended to rob it. There are more lessons from Saint Moses. Treat others with respect (See Mark 12, 31).

New York Times video summary of George Floyd case. May 25, 2020

There might be some sources to read about the The Desert Fathers, and about St. Moses, lessons. I do not recall, where I read the whole story about one year ago. I found him some sources which might be a good summary. That is not related, with George Floyd, but I thinks its lessons are important in those times.


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