The Periodic Table by Nobel Laureate Peter Agre

Berkeley, Monday, June 1, 2020 3:50 PM

Following up with prior post, which I am sharing because I consulted over the weekend. Here, another great hit. This one is about chemistry, which if I compare with prior one, I must pay more efforts on memorizing this lyrics. Chemistry has never been my stronger arm. So, it is much easier for me to learn, or sing, if you will with those analogies, processes based laws, such as Darcy’s law. I might need to produce my song for river sediment [flow]. Anyways, it is a honor to hear Professor Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate, singing the periodic table.

Dr. Peter Agre. Singing the Period Table


Pioneers of the periodic table. Nobel Media AB 2020. Retrieved on June 1, 2020 from

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