Pascal’s triangle

Berkeley, Sunday, May 31, 2020 9:13 PM

The genius of Pascal is that interesting that I continue discovering about him, not by reading about him, not for searching about his works for learning about him, but for learning about his applied works works by applying them, and then learning that he either wrote or invented them. Pascal’s has influenced my earlier studies in making experiments for elementary physics labs, and in pressure gradients behind dams, during my years as hydraulic engineer.

About a year ago, I was delighted on discovering Pascal’s writings, Pensées, about the catholic faith. While I did not completed reading that medium size book. Few passages I read on it, plus the fact they were coming from Pascal, plus additional thoughts I have developed over time, motivated me to call this site “heart pensées”. Of course the inspiration, and the site purpose, come from a much Higher and deeper Source than Pascal. Still represented by a triangle formed by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Today, we celebrate the Day of One of the Holy members.

Pascal, and a wonderful triangle, again. Not the pressure, but this time an arithmetic triangle, which is the basis for computing in the current version of the von Neumann computers. In 1645, Blaise Pascal invented a machine called the Pascaline or Machine D’Arithmetique, for helping to his father with the accounting processes, as he was a tax collector. I encourage you to look online to the triangle and to make the addition. It is an straightforward. Further , the addition of row will give you infinite 2^n. I think the computing binomial are based on that triangle. I do not know completely all the steps of development from Pascal’s triangle to Wilkinson matrices, but that is the path. I might be continue finding something out about Pascal or about the calculation path, as I dig deeper on my numerical analyses.

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