Math Museum

Berkeley, Saturday, May 29, 2020 00:11 AM

There is this great thing of Professor Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web (www) invention that is the sharing of good information. I found this excellent page about a museum of math history, or rather about great contributors to math through history. Here is the link for my further reference:

I have criticized myself in the past for writing posts or rather not writing posts and posting just a link. This is the fifth time I do that since I have this blog. You can still find one post just with a link in the near history. However, I regret delaying the other ones. Particularly one that was about a wonderful and funny opinion editorial article. I do not regret because whether it was good or bad, but because deleting. A down side of the digital era is that one can edit and change things, without necessarily tracking the time of changes. Then what is the control point. Things should be kept as they are, because they already existed in time by being delivered outside of heads and communicated with our fingers through a keyboard in a written format on a unknown platform, which allows us to write without knowing how it works, but it works!

Well, I regarding not deleting things, which is my normative thing to do. It also gives a hard time to the storage guys or systems or silos, whatever how it works, I really do not have idea where digital things are physically stored.

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