Discipline: so needed and so essential

Berkeley, Sunday May 17, 2020 5:58 PM

All of us are come to the this world upside down. Actually, our moms know that we are ready to come to this world, when we correctly place ourselves in her womb upside down. Beyond the nine months that we have been nurturing in her womb, the first act of love, when we are born, is to straightened us. Whether it is an intermediate doctor, a nurse, our father, any helper who receives us to this world [in some rare cases some moms have had to manage all the birth process alone], and proceed to cut our umbilical cord, perhaps do a little of cleaning of us, then they place us straight, with the head up, onto our mom’s chest.

Thus, infinite love in life is always provided in life to straight our paths. During the most crucial times of our lives, when we are growing up we receive those from our parents. But also consistently we receive it from many of our professors and great mentors in life.

No always our actions provide light, however. Whether we receive love or bad actions from people it is up to us to keep the path of life straight, keep trying, and keep lightening it. The love and lessons we have received and been taught, we can only pay forward, to other people, to constructing communities, to building up family, to pushing for doing good actions. In doing that we might pay backwards to our parents and mentors, but there is not actually way to pack back. Time is blood. What we do during our life time may pay for the current next generation alive, and for the ones to come. That applies in family, as well as in profession, and more important as a large community.

I started the title with discipline, because nothing happens without discipline. True love requires effort. True happiness springs from effort, nor from just receiving love and remaining in a comfort some. The last may lead to be upside down again. Constant discipline is what keep us standing straight on our feet and so walking.

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