Berkeley, Sunday, May 3, 2020 5:41 PM

If you are digging your own grave, no one would fight you for the shovel. 

I do not know all the meanings of the quote, but I read it the other day in a Op-Ed [Sorry for the imprecise quotation, because it is in purpose, as I do not want you to deviate your attention to the Opinion Editorial article, because that one is about another topic, but in purpose I just wanted to focus just in the quote. So all of it is about the quote. Yes, I would need to find who was the original author of the quote, which I do not think was the author of the Op-Ed neither]

Back to the quote. I do not think that it is quite true. Even if you are working hiddenly on digging your own grave there are always angels, real life saints, strong people with good hearts who will bring to light your talents and help you redirecting your efforts not for digging your own grave, but even if your work consist on digging, then they might enlighten its purpose, and so you might enlighten to others with what you find out there while digging. Often change of direction might not be the path, but just enlightening what you are doing, and so find purpose on it.

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