Sharp minds and good hearts

Berkeley, Friday, May 1, 2020 9:40 PM

A sharp mind has a cutting edge to break through complexity, find truths, and bring up light. It is not a navigator of safe waters, it rather is an icebreaker. An explorer of land and rivers, who gets into the muddy waters, and even into polluted waters to find out its sources, for the love of life, rather than for a personal cult. Sometimes the ship gets aground in sandy banks, for many years, but never lose the faith to find a solution and to navigate again whether with or against the flow of the current times.

I think one should always cultivate his mind and his heart and take the risk to live it out. Yes, one is always at risk in life. And so energy is also needed to break it through. Paradoxically, history have shown that sharp minds connected with good hearts either break it through or end up beheaded. But their contributions, definitely, provide more life and clarity for the next generations. Life is love.

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