A word/post per day if needed

Berkeley, Thursday, April 23, 2020 1:31 AM

I bought a screen. It has 22″. It is just enough. So here I am writing, while making it the main screen. Those are of course foolish irrelevant details. And I am getting a bit of headache, which is a very rare thing on me. It might be light of these quite big screen at this time. It might be pressure, and the wondering why I am writing things here, and yet I am behind on my duties.

While I need to be more active organizing the desk, which I am using to work, as paper of readings, or tasks, or notes, sometimes pile up. The main goal is to get more fluent in my work. I have not made that much good progress in my course works and projects.

I deleted the first paragraph. It is good that this system of writings have some backups of prior versions. I just put it back again. I know those things are irrelevant. The good thing is that the headache is gone.

Time to read and then to sleep.

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