Why a title?: No excuses

Berkeley, Wednesday, April 16, 2020 3:02 PM

Asymptomatic is lack coughing. I think that yes, thankfully. Though a thermometer was not possible to buy in the nearby pharmacy since around March 15. I asked because I felt asleep in the late afternoon, around 5 PM. It happened a few more times over this month.

Schedule and discipline remains the two key components to make sense of things, besides even getting behind in assignments.

I do not know who invented excuses, but over time man, and I refer to that men and women, have invented many things. The word invention, though often good, in the case of excuse is antonym. While I guess there might be cases when excuses might apply, I prefer the term not excuses. Then there might be reasons, causes that lead to solve a problem.

I, sometimes, write the title at the end.

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