Berkeley, Sunday, April 5, 2020 10:39 PM

Autobiographies are good because man or woman has the opportunity to displays his/her logical thinking in decision making, his/her beliefs, his/her perspectives of a situation, his/her understanding of a situation. Even in the best efforts of displaying something , I still believe that not everything is shared in one way or another, but to God. The availability of a person for sharing his/her inner thoughts, analysis, schedule, first it might depend if there is any purpose on it. It can be just for own clarification. For not allowing ideas or memories just to disappear. Or for doing something that, while it can be distractive for the main job, still it is better that just being sit in from on a monitor reading randomly or watching or even why not stalking in the age of the social media.

The biography, on the other hand, is also important. It is the portray of an artist or of an author from a certain character. In his/her holistic view of time, space and other characters is able to construct a story of the series of action and events that influenced a person to lead to perform a more substantive action.

The biography often would be more real, though it would lack of either comedy, questioning, hidden inferring, drama, passion, feelings, observations, which might be written in work that navigates through the mind and heart of the artist of an autobiography. But the biography in its either cold or warm depiction will display facts. Makes the character real, and know by its works. It needs additional witnesses, proofs to support a fact. Perhaps with at least three pieces of evidence.

There are four short biographies of the same King, or vandal that the government killed without being capable to recognize that He was the Son of God. And yet, each one did very well their job. This Holy week, whole be a good time to get to know a bit better parts of those short four biographies, or gospels, which are well know, but we do not know how often well understood or read.

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