A brief critique to planning

Berkeley, Friday, April 3, 2020 2:43 AM

It is hard to believe that for millenniums we have used lively streets mainly for humans and lively transportation, such as horses, and yet just in about hundred years we gave all that unique space to those motorized vehicles to which we have made all the facilities to serve industry to flood with them our streets. Those motorized vehicles kill people.

I know we are living hard times with the COVID-19. I made the statement above, as a campaign for when we are back outdoors, we can reclaim the streets. Though of course we will not go backwards, but at least we must be fully aware that pedestrians have the priority in the use of streets throughout the world.

Cars might be useful, but hardly ever they are acquired just based on how useful they can be. It becomes a commodity, which creates a dystopia. [If I ever get back to this post, I might think for a better word to end, as I am not that comforted with this one. Perhaps is the time as well.]

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