Brain live performance

Berkeley, Saturday, March 14, 2020 1:09 AM

As strange as the title might sound, having the brain fully focused on an activity all the time is not always feasible, though it is a goal. Either it is a meeting or grinding coffee beans or attending to a lecture or giving a talk or doing a reading or doing an assignment. You add more options as you want either personal or professional.

This question or keep the brain actively working, and so being able to carry on with the different task per day or per week, I recall asking myself back on the days of undergraduate at the Universidad de Cuenca. The answer was change of activity. Yet it is a broad answer, though it worked. The second issue is the relationship with work load or other activities. But workload is a death topic. Over the years, I have found that saying yes to opportunities right away is worthy. Many decisions I have done in that way. Then, have advanced by commitment rather than carefully planning.

OK. Planning. That is a key component for at least being clear of what is coming, what are the priorities, and how long one might need to extend on an activity.

I often have a problem of finishing the task that is upfront. It is an issue when there are several tasks, as the time remaining between one deadline and a second might be small or null to fulfill the second one.

So yes. Planning is key. I do like more to write down things, and so cross the things done, but any method can work.

I was quite meticulously during my master on planning the next day. I do not know, if I lost that habit over the year and half I was in Ecuador, though I recall applied efficiently for some tasks there, or during the Fall 2016.

By planning the day. I do not mean the quasi self organized plan that is made when one has a class schedule either for learning or teaching.. I mean the time to apply per task.

However, at some point I also found that the meticulously planning could have been a waste of time. So one needs to balance things. Even, once I recall checking the number of pages of the readings to do. It might be good, but I rather print and do the reading right away and cross it from the list. Yes the number of pages is important for allocating the time. I getting constrain in this though because I want to find out what times should I cut in order to meet deadlines efficiently, which was not the topic title by the way.

I trace the habit of last minute work back to the high school days, and it seems that it never went away. Even recently I started to submit some assignments hours or days past the deadline, within the acceptance period.

Thus, sometimes I do not lose points for content but for time.

Among the specific actions, which normally keep me going is the following:

Early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy, and wise

It is 1:35 AM by the way, and I will check the op-ed section from the print newspaper that I receive before going to bed.

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