Simplicity: also is key in design

Berkeley, March 9, 2020 9:07 PM

On a day, depending to how many things one has been exposed or how many things one has done, there are memories that are recorded by themselves, such as progress in an assignment, progress in a report, progress in a code, organizing/analyzing data, or less frequent the final product of them. Other experiences are learnings from a class, from an activity, or the experience or mere observation of something that either just happened at that moment or something that one is curious about. Also, one can get memories or learnings from either class readings, science magazines, journalistic magazines, or from the newspaper. Or if somedays one might either be lazy or too productive and don’t even mind taking a time to write down something that strikes one to either record or discharge in a blog, which use of time and products would not necessarily lead one to promotion. But it has an intersting effect. Keep the brain working. Sometimes it works for learning something new. Other times it works for getting to know better oneself, or for scolding directly to oneself. Of course there is not need to do publicly, if someone has the time, courage, interest, or curiosity of reading those posts, but definitely writing here has often an additional added value, which is to push hard to coherence in life, to not have hidden layers. Thus, if one has he courage to sometimes write here inner thoughts or inner experience, what else would hold one back to express oneself openly or transparent to larger audiences, even if the source of criticism could be here itself. I think I did not mentioned above other things that one blogs are, sometimes, ideas themselves. Though I mostly write experiences, findings, observations, and if I add to them ideas, usually I add them with some background or practical context.

Then, of course it is impossible to record all the things that I would like to. It would not be efficient neither. Writing produces clarity, but the brain does not only works while one is sat. It works when one is movement, action, performing tasks. Just writing without performing would be too theoretical. Just performing without writing does not lead neither to progress nor to organization nor to deep thinking.

With this premise, I opened the blog just to write down a beautiful quote that I read:

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, n.d.)

I do not know about the author, I just read that in a coding page that somehow I ended there while looking for the thoughts and methods from Donald Knuth on data science and data management. Particularly, when looking for the best tools for data input. While for data analysis good tools that exist or one can built on them are Matlab, and R, to my knowledge. Is for storing data bases Excel the best tool for collecting data? One can transfer file type easily to another software platforms with different document extensions.

Finally, regarding the quote, one also can think deeper about what Jesus said on simplicity and focus, which was recorded by the evangelists. Here few examples: Lk 9, 57-62. Lk 6, 30.

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