Time check of the day

Berkeley, Saturday, March 7, 2020 1:23 AM

I am deeply grateful for having received crystal clear instructions today from an excellent professor K.C. about, perhaps, most basic concepts for a geomorphologist, but so key for directing my research.

With a couple of charts in a white board it became clear to me difference between denudation rates, sediment fluxes, and sediment yields. It also became clear how to handle the discrete sediment concentration data I have collected so far.

I arrived just two to three minutes late to my four PM meeting. Still late.

In the morning I arrived 7 to 8 minutes late to my 9:15 AM meeting. I actually left home at time.

The day was about organizing readings, getting better on compiling my scripts in LaTex, answering few e-mails, writing down the learnings form the office hours, clarifying/filling the agenda, and running to the supermarket just before they close at 10 PM, to survive with groceries for breakfast for some days more. I was mentally tired by that time. I ate a desert after finally arriving home after buying the groceries. I am not a desert person, but once in a while I had an appetite for them.

Then I have been doing some side readings, which are good for curiosity and refreshing, I think could be a good word for it, refreshing the mind.

I was reading Tufte, then Chesterton, then a bit of Wojtyla works. I should go into details of the books, once I finish them. Otherwise, it is pointless mentioning the authors as I just did. Somehow, I also skimmed the Claremont review of books. I do not have that close affinity to it neither I am at the other end of the political spectrum. I finally skimmed the America Magazine, which I think is a good magazine, and read a book review about fr. James Martin, S.J.

A good finding this morning, was that after being noisy while working in the morning, trying to find a price of paper where I wrote a key equation for solving one of the labs that is due next week, I stopped moving things around to not be that distractive to A.S, who patiently continued focused on her screen and work. We have desks about 1.4 feet width. During my lunch, I was seriously thinking to moving completely to digital note-taking, though I still would keep reading in a print form. It is something still to consider. After A.S. left, I resorted my papers, I found the piece of paper I have been looking for a couple of days this week. Lk 15, 9 is very true. I was celebrating with the paper in my hand. And I actually, am not yet convinced that note-taking in the computer is a good method. I do not consider switching to that yet.

Well tomorrow is a day of data management of hydrological data sets. I am looking forward to do it actually.

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