Thursday, Berkeley, Febraury 26, 2020. 2:12 AM

I was just checking. I have twenty nine drafts of post unposted. I do not recall from when. There might be either a decision reason or topic, or perhaps I might wanted to double check before posting, something that I do not do that often. As a good thing of this blog is of keep me going, or engaged, or thinking deeper.

Every activity has that advantage, but anyway the purpose of the blog is self analysis and change of activity.

I am not only professional, or not only student. While there is often a mix of topics here, I am first human being trying to put always my heart on what I do. But it is good also to explore perspectives, thoughts and more from a personal blog point of view as far as I can keep up writing in other places.

Regarding the drafts, C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, said that it is always to save the drafts in a drawer. These drafts might be brilliantly shine or be useful in the right moment.

However, then thinking about my literature reviews, assignments, essays, or other writings. There might need to be a structure, well perhaps for the literature reviews, in order that they become useful.

This random text leads to next post.

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