Just a thought

Berkeley, February 14, 2020 11:37 PM

Good habits need to come back.

In the age of complain, the best is to stay.

Only God has the power to make changes.

Yes, it is right. Of course we have the power to think, act, and advance.

But then, what if we are dealing with people we do not agree with how do they think, things they said or how do they behaive?

It seems that a lot depends on our position of power. But all must be said, first directly to the person, and our habits, believes or way of thought always should be visible and publicly available.

I know it is easier to to say things and harder to be act and to be coherent.

But in analogy even Peter neglected, what he had committed to, three times between one night and one morning. Yet, his testimony has changed time and spread in space throughout the world, fulfilling in every generation the true message of the Lord: “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” Mt 24, 35

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