Kingdom of God

July 29, 2019 2:30 PM

About the years 30 AC to 33 AC, Jesus taught many things during His Ministry. Actively teaching from Galilea to Judaea.

Believing on Him, on His work, and Love many of us have found dignity and life again.

Over 2019 years, His Word had been spread from Galilee to all over the world. It still has not reached many.

I own thanks to Peter, and the witnesses, such as Mary Madgalene. Mary Madgelene was the first to received the resurrection news by Jesus. I own thanks to Peter, because despite neglecting Jesus at first, during His trial. He repented, allowed the Holy Spirit to continue working on him, and testified the Word of God.

I thank the Catholic Church for spreading the Word of Salvation over 2019 years. Of course problems have happened over this time, but the Word and promises have been kept as instructed by Jesus, and as guided by the Holy Spirit.

God bless Pope Francis, and we pray to Saint Michael to lead us on defending the Church. It goes beyond bureaucracy or properties. It is about being warriors of the Word of the Lord. “… of His Kingdom there will not end” (Lk 1, 33).

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