Should I correct someone that I do not know in a table talking about stereotypes, from which at least I knew someone well.

Berkeley, Friday, April 26, 2019 11:48 PM

Today, I went to the birthday celebration of a German friend. I got a seat next to my friend, in front of two PhD students from Economics, and later joined to my left side a German-English PhD student in math.

At the right side of my friend were his girlfriend, and in front of them two girl-friends from the previous residence I lived.

Most of my conversation time were in the left side of the table with Q&A, though I could also came with more topics to the right side. I brought some.

When the conversation was ongoing in the left side, the guy was explained that he lived one year in Beijing, and then he followed up learning Chinese in Berkeley, as her girlfriend is from China. I got a bit curious on the topic, of course the interlocutor tried to understand my curiosity asking if I speak Chinese. I said no, I recently broke up with my girlfriend, who is from China.

Then, he asked from, where she is. I answered the city. then, he commented in the different stereotypes from women from Beijing and South China, mainly Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. I found the topic controversial. I personally do not like someone from stereotypes or have a preconception based on stereotypes. His stereotype description was not the best. Well, I listened, while I got a bit defensive, by starting by agreeing on one stereotype describing, and was defending other, related to personality. He just went on.

While, it is likely that was his view, from the area where he used to live, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Later, in the right side of the table. I think I hear the girls saying, well it seems that she said no, in the engagement because she is going to graduate school, at least she did not say because he is a terrible person.

Either way, there might be much coincidence if the right side of the table conversation was not related to our previous case. Secondly, either if was or not, for that is ok that people let talk, because that was not my conversation, but from the left side, how much should I learn or correct.

I decided to learn up to some point, without many follow up questions, except for one affirmation, and followed with a correction, where the topic was stopped. I keep a very high concept of my ex-girlfriend.

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