Updates after a while

Berkeley, Sunday February 17, 2019 5:21 PM

I regret that I have not written this blog over a long time.

Of course it is hard to be completely open, and to write every single detail, but I do my best.

If there are some readers interested, I appreciate. Moreover, writing this blog has the mission of self-reflection, and analysis in my daily life.

I am in a long weekend were I expected to catch up with work.

I have four weekly papers accumulated, grading assignments, to set up a website, I was going to help cooking Ecuadorian food today, which I decided to drop, I have to submit an assignment for a class, which was due on Tuesday, and finally I couldn’t make it to a submit the final version of a paper for a conference on time on Friday.

Last Friday, my brain was tired already at 7 PM, after a intensive week. However, the problem was a bad rest. I left home in the morning, without making the bed, because I wanted to do laundry when I will be back.

The day before I also did not made the bed, which use to be the first thing I do in the morning, because the same laundry reason, and Jian and I had to leave early.

Both Thursday and Friday, I arrived home extremely tired in the night, Thursday because I had a short night from Wednesday to Thursday, and it was a demanding day, were I assisted teaching a surveying lab in the field, and running the logistics for it.

I love teaching.

My mistakes on my own rest or self recovery were that when I arrived home, after doing any activities either in the computer or either talking with Jian by phone, I just fell asleep on the bed with the lights on. I did not rested well, therefore, Thursday neither Friday.

On Thursday, by lunch time, I needed also an additional mental effort to focus on my work. The previous night, I discussed with Jian, and not necessarily everything was clear by the morning. As she sometimes point out, the memory has the power to focus on good things, I cannot recall now if there was anything additional to solve. I just got the feeling around noon, that things were not that right. I wanted to check how things were with a message. As my work for the lab started with a lunch meeting at 12:15 PM. Fortunately, I think I succeeded to put all my attention on my work by 12:30 12:40 PM. I think the lab went well. Talking about the technical details about the lab is for another day. I am using this space, to summarize my actions, no-actions, and emotions over the weekend.

With the bad two nights of falling asleep with the lights on, my Saturday morning was slow.

I received some news in the morning that my niece was with principles of pneumonia. Fortunately, my sister, her mom, is a doctor, and have taken good care of her, or rapid actions.

Being in contact with my family, and taking the opportunity that my parents were going to meet with my sister, was a good opportunity to call them, and have an update with all of them together.

I just realized how fast January and mid-February has passed.

I was receiving questions about the studio were I move-in, officially on January 11, although it took some days for setting up the place, before I went to Ecuador, December 19, 2018, after I came back to Berkeley December 28, 2018, and after I finish the house and dog sitting from Matt. January 11, 2019.

I was receiving questions from my trip to Shenzhen, where I visit Jian, on January 18, 2019. And I updated them how the things were here.

I am happy that there doing well. My niece, Sofi, looked also looking healthy and good.

While we have exchanged Whatsapp messages with my family, in order to keep relatively informed. I just realized how few opportunities there how been in the last months. Though, I now recall, I call them a night one week before the Chinese New Year, as Jian was in the studio that day.

If my students read this. Very good for them. As you have limited time to submit your assignments, I also have limited time for grading them. It is rewarding to see good works.

Well yesterday, Saturday, after waking up late, 9 AM, too bad, the day flew unproductively.

Now, it is Sunday afternoon, and the to do list for this weekend still is the same.

The purpose of this writing was to get started with my duties. To organize my thoughts. To recall some events.

After lunch yesterday, I went biking to downtown, to get quarters for doing laundry.

I also did my haircut, and finally took a long waited nap back at home. I think my nap was two hours.

I was full, so I skipped dinner with a salad. I also forgot to said the prior night or on Friday, I ate plenty of bread, almost a packet.

I started reading about 9 PM. Yes, I wasted some extra time, since long ago, checking for about 20 minutes the NBA all-starts competitions.

Then, I recalled a book that Matt advised and another that Yekong and Celina advised for the Faculty tenure track job seeking, and preparation. I entered to Amazon I searched for the books: Stoner by John Williams, and The Professor is in by Karen Kelsky.

Perhaps stupidly, I stayed on Amazon for about 3 hours in a navigation about the books. I was surprised how knowledge Jian has on as she has reading plenty of classic literature in many kinds.

I have never been exposed to the German literature neither Russian literature. Perhaps my own choice, might be my sister did. I did not focus that much on reading during my adolescence years, though I did well in Math. i did read read some books, however, when I read most I think was between 2008 and 2010.

I selected plenty of books, perhaps Jian was logged in on Amazon, as some of these were saved for later already. In any case, I also bought Metamorphosis from Kafka. I cleaned up more of my shopping cart from Amazon, and ended up just buying these three books. I have to say that I am not a big fan of buying things just to Amazon, although it makes thing easy, particularly on books, which was its original purpose.

I still have plenty of books to read in my bookshelf, beyond those three, which I need to figure out a space of time to read them, I am happy to do it.

Since January 22, 2019 I have been buying the New York Times in a daily basis, a wonderful thing to stay informed, although, it take some time. Still, I am happy to do it.

Not to let without mentioning, today I went to bed at 4 AM. Finally, I slept normally, but the time was to bad. Therefore, I woke up at 11 AM.

This year is the year of comprehension, understanding, thinking on each step.

I keep move on without many complaints. I will avoid unproductive weekends like this one in the future. Meaning, if I am that tired, a change of activities is always good.

I am happy, I keep move on. Of course that is just an optimistic message, but I really feel it. There is not reason to staying complaining that much.

Discipline to go early to bed, and be up everyday by 6 AM is something that I need to continue being fighting for.

Ah last, I might needed also some space to rest, restore, and think. It is good I did some reading. I learned a new song in the guitar as well, Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. It is good I did some of this informative or reflective writing. I will do also deeper analysis on other post, as I set up a daily time again for this habit.

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