Annotations from Epilogue, What can we learn from them?, Bain, 2004.

Berkeley, Wednesday December 12, 2018 12:16 PM

It might sound a weak closing remarks of the book, but actually is simple and powerful, everyone cares about teaching, and everyone things that they do a little more for it than the next one in line, from professors through department chairs, to deans, provosts, and presidents. They thought that teaching is as important as research, even in research universities.

I would say that of course is that a common consensus that teaching is important. We will keep improving the methods for making this process better and enlightening. Books like this one, bring me back to fundamentals of why is important to teach, to think deeply, and to commit and contribute with learnings and factual information to society.

While the book does not have explicit methods of teaching, it lays out goals, processes, ways to treat students, and contributes to my teaching philosophy.


Bain, K., 2004. What the best college teachers do. Epilogue, What can we learn from them? Harvard University Press. pp. 173-178

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