What is the schedule of talented people?

Berkeley, Tuesday, October 9, 2018 1:25 PM

What is the routine of positive talented people?

How is possible that one person could be the center of audience of hundreds, thousands, or sometimes millions of people who pay or make a trip and pay or make an space in their time for watching or listening to them in a live broadcast.

For many fame could be a goal. I personally do not think that those will reach that goal, as what make famous to the famous are their talents, values, wisdom, message, or skills.

In an activity, which can be either but not limited to art, work performance, sport performance, problem solving, political message, religious message, dance performance, etc., we can be fairly good at some point. Each of us has gifts or talents. What is that point when this unique performers distinguish from all of the talented people.

Is that their mission to take that hard and bussy path from living focused on what single activity, improving everyday, fortunately they have competition, which is an excellent push as well.

All of us, including those excellent performers, which attract larger audience, want free time for other activities, including social, sports, arts, family time, or as myself, time for extra coordination, leadership, and social facilitation, including active advocacy for just improving as group of wherever place, I will be living, wherever work or study place that I will be using and performing.

While, there are some extra commitments that I myself get involve voluntary, there is a point, when it is hard to balance all the commitments, to my own art, which is improving the field of watershed planning and management.

I once read that the Colombian author, Nobel Prize in Literature 1982, Gabriel García Márquez, wrote his book one hundred years of solitude, during 5 years of living in a Hotel Room in Mexico City. (I need a reference to check this statement that just my memory is recalling)

While running a colloquium, many of my invited guest speakers, are prominent scholars, who have written articles and books, and also teach. Most of them have families. I cannot expand in detail about their social life.

In a bit more market oriented, and not close to me personalities, there are those tennis players, who stand out as the top 4, then followed by other top 5 to 10, then other subgroup between the ranking number 11 and 20 of the world, and followed with a immense amount of other talented players. What is the difference of those few, who stands out?

A soccer player, hated by many because his lack of humility in his behavior, watched by TV, Cristiano Ronaldo, became the best player of the work. How? Talent, yes, but many other have talents as well. Once, I recall him saying that went to the gym, at extra hours, when it was closed, for building up extra physical strength that he needed for his performance. I brought those two famous examples, from this people who I do not know, by I some point I also have seen them in the media, or alive as some of the tennis players, just to bring the context of what is needed to reach, what we might be called to reach.

Coming up to the example of talented scholars who I know, or I am sure that you just know many hard working people, that is more familiar to you to follow their habits that watching what other talented people might be broadcasted doing. Although, that hard work of the less media exposed people, might bring them to the right spot to deliver public messages, without themselves being fans of watching too much media.

I have seen Rafa working everyday from 8:30 AM to 7 PM in his computer at office. It was criticized by others, as the space was a single desk in a corner. You might not be anything also than a desk, and, nowadays, a computer to become an active writer. Now, Rafa is a leader scholar in watershed sediment management working at Stanford University.

I have share desk with Matt from 5 AM to 11 PM. While I focused in specific limited activities, he taught, run logistics for his courses, greet his two kids and wife by phone, and perhaps use some writing time, as he has published more than 150 peer review articles, edited books. In addition, Matt has served as advisor to US and state agencies on river management and restoration, and provided expert testimony before the US Congress, the California Legislature, the US Supreme Court, and the International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague. While this testimony part seems to be a important part of this biography, my current awareness and knowledge does not tell me why that should be more important that his teaching and publications.

In any case, I think that Matt is wake everyday before 5 AM, so he already starts working at 5 AM. He might wake up at 4:30 AM. While preferences for attending to entrainement events, such as concerts or sport watching, might change with his two kids, I would bet that he have not attended in a while to one of them.

Is then talent and ‘success’ in academia, even more demanding because there are many logistics that you need to run, without necessarily have a manager or a supporting team who will help you. Although, there are some things that will be done by team of PhD and Post-Doc students.

Magic things happen by the continuous time of thinking, and working activity. Being able to try to remove many of other activities for investing more continuous and good quality time on what it matters is what makes a difference.

What is our goal? What is my mission? Beyond the believes, often a project or task that we commitment is a mission. Discipline in small things, such as working time, removing other distractions, stay healthy in food intake and physical activities, are among others key aspects that allow us to complete or stay on track with what we commit.

Working hard does not meant isolation. Social and estable relationships, I think are also a key aspect on boosting productivity. A person can be isolated in a thousand of people crow, and be more connected just with his/her partner, and perhaps with few friends.

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