Hey, please do not hit your head

Berkeley, Friday, October 5, 2018 12:30 PM

I have not paid fully attention to all the risk of heating my head, although, of course I have acknowledged how important and sensitive is it, as the brain is there, until learnt about further details about concussion.

On September 24, I was diagnosed a mild concussion, 2 out of a scale of 6. At that time, I read seriously the signs, return to learn advices, and the post concussion syndrome, in this handout given by the Tang Center at UC Berkeley.

There is one different thing between acknowledging that something is a risk, and really knowing what is the risk about. Risk perception has strong ties to have experienced it and being educated about it. Same happen with natural hazards, all of us know that wildfire, flood and earthquakes are a big deal. However, how to interpret them depends on our level of risk perception.

The head, is such a sensitive part of our body. In an academic job, my role is to stay fully focused, and break down words that I read, listen, or to frame things that I observe. In any other job exploiting the brain capacity is what push us to add strategy to our physical capabilities. For example, in sports, let say tennis, there are plenty of players physically gifted to perform well in the game. However, for becoming a champion not only the ideal physical condition will help, for winning matches strategy plays an important part of the role, I would say a 70%. The differences between those talented players are so small, that strategy, and adjusting the game, live, during the match, would make a huge difference.

I do not know too much about boxing. I looks like the popularity of boxing has decreased after popular icons such as Mohamed Ali, Oscar de La Hoya, Mike Tyson. Again, there are many others, who just I do not know. I brought up boxing for asking a question: if hitting your head once in a while slow down your brain capacity, boxing have an impact in the daily life performance of its practitioners or players?

I hit my head this morning at 7:10 AM to a bunk bed. While of course, first thing is to pay attention, there are daily movements and habits that I do. I was not fully awake, and did not adjust quickly to a different surrounding environment.

That hit slowed down a little my morning. I took a nap.

I now see how important is to wear helmet in construction, either by working or visiting, and in another extreme sports. Of course, nothing of it is related with my morning hit, which is not bad. I just have learnt the importance to keep the head physically protected and safe, and I have become more aware of risks of hitting my head.

While it would not stop me to do any risky work or extreme exploration, these recent experiences have added knowledge and experience to take more informative decisions, and being more attentive of the surroundings in every situation.

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