Getting more active on social media

Berkeley, Thursday September 13, 2018 9:56 PM

Priorities are important, but starting to pay some attention and sharing some wit in the social media is not too bad.

I am moving on with one extra dimension by being active, at some degree, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It is time to start sharing what is in my mind on the fly. I am also happy to share pictures of living moments or from what I observe.

I have buried many nice pictures on the promise to myself to post them some day. Time for posting is available, it is much better and faster, when it is on the fly and things happen. Regarding posting old pictures, I might do it sometime. That is more demanding.

Regarding replying comments, while it would take some time, it comes to strategy when I will check them. I target to open these social media pages,  and reply all the comments once or twice per day.

There is nothing better than gratitude, in the past I have left many comments unreplied just for delaying. If I do not reply comments immediately as I see them, it is hard later to come back and reply. This applies to everything in life. While there is nothing perfect, I like to take decisions as they come. Over the time, I improve to become better, and it is better to make mistakes than thinking too much, and perhaps end up without a final product. It also is a push to stay always attentive and ready to quickly react.

I do not think that being active and reactive to comments would become a heavy extra load of time on my day. Perhaps it would be 20 minutes or less distributed in two parts of the day. I might add a time to replying comments on my calendar, while of course posting is something more impulsive or spontaneous, when the times come.

I am looking forward to see how this evolve, while I stay focused on my daily tasks, I will become a reporter of my life, of what I think, of what I see in my surroundings and elsewhere, of what I avocate, of what I want to teach. My expected outcome is that rather to be something to distract me, it would become more focused on my tasks and commitments. As I will keep a larger audience informed about my life, there is the extra commitment to be coherent with the audience. Of course, I will be exposed to criticism and perhaps to support as well. It is up to each individual to follow me. I look forward to take these next challenges.

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