Berkeley, Wednesday September 12, 2018 00:00 AM

I stayed up for more few minutes than expected, still it is good to write something that is in my mind. This post corresponds to Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

One of the talents that must surprise me in people is wit. Is that a born talent or learned with practice or learned by reading or learned by taking risks?

I do not know if it is related with active and reflective characters.

While time and taking risk will provide me with some answers, I am looking forward for those changes in my second language.

I can explore the topic in detail in a further post, and happy to elaborate more views. Now it is time to go to bed, and to get ready for the adventures tomorrow.

I can just wrap up this day saying that it was a good day. I also need to develop those long time habits to focus on reading and writing for several continuous hours. The learnings are fascinated anyways.

Today, I learned fascinated things about watershed management from an author and professor that highly admire and respect, Prof. Peter D. Loucks. He is an Emeritus Professor from Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University.

Today, we also had a good time with Jian, and two friends. We went for a pizza, at an small and cozy restaurant in North Berkeley, with live music, which name is Cheeseboard Pizza.

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