First day of teaching

Today, it was my first day teaching at UC Berkeley.

Although the class it quite simple because it is a colloquium of series about Rivers and Water Infrastructure, the schedule of series of lectures is not fully finished yet. So I did not handed in that part, which is the core of the course.

I introduced myself, ask students to introduce themselves, presented the course logistics,  and then I presented my topic on sediment management in dams.  Then, the hour was complete. Presented myself was not fully planned for today.

I felt that I could have done a better job today for engaging my audience and fulfill their expectations.

Everyone would have expected that I presented an introduction to the series of lectures, and to distribute the schedule of the lecture series and invited speakers.

My efforts and time invested on switching my research perspective had an influence on prior time commitment for today outcome. Regardless if today outcome was good or bad. My efforts developed in what is needed in the research, also had an influence on allowing me to write clearly the course description, which seems that attracted some audience for today class.

While summer was busy, coordinating one professional workshop on river restoration, and working as a reader for a class on campus, still nothing justify to not being fully prepared, meaning to have finished the series plan yet.

I am working already for getting all the semester plan ready by Friday, and proceed to post it.

Doing well in the class is another challenge to fight for this semester.

One class is gone but there are still 13 left to improve, and two days to finish my semester plan, and post it. I already gave the course logistics to the students today.

I am glad to the opportunity to organize this class on the topic that I am passionated about, rivers, water management, and sediment management.

Now my full attention is on it, and my learning curve for teaching and running all the logistics for fulfilling the expectations of those bright students will speed up.

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