An adequate sleep is key for productive

Energy and discipline and gained by training. The body adapt to high pressure situations.

In a current life, where we get a lot of noise with cellphone and technology, it is key to pay attention to small details that would boost our productivity.

When I am tired a night in my dorm, perhaps about sleeping time, sometimes I just lay on the bed and check the cellphone. The cellphone has many suggestions of what news I should check.

All these suggestions are easy to follow, and I can invest some improductive minutes doing something that I did not plan to do, where in many cases, I am not gaining any benefit, and furthermore, as in those times I felt already sleepy, sometimes I just fell asleep, with my glasses on, lights on, and even clothes on. Hopefully, I do not have TV. In all my life, because I like to test things, I only had once a TV in my bedroom for 8 months. I bought that one when I was 21 years old, later I gave to my parents. After realizing that it was not a good gift, I often encourage them to give that TV away.

In order to ensure a good sleep, at least with the variables that I can control. I said this because if there are outside variables such as noise, then the problem is different. I have a deep sleep, so normally outside does not affect me, but still is something to check, with the time. The variables that I can control are the following (i) appropriate clothes or not clothes to sleep, (ii) abs and push ups, (iii) brush teeth and wash face, (iv) electronics, (v) lights, and (vi) time.

(i) Clothes: Either if it is winter or summer, I just sleep with cotton t-shirt and sport short pants. It is quite important that I change clothes when I arrive to my bedroom in the night, before doing other activities. I ensure with that if stay working for a long time, until the time I feel so tired to go to bed, that at least I will rest better, if I just fall asleep. Loose clothes for sleeping is key for a good rest.

(ii) Abs and push ups: I wrote this habit here, when I was writing point iv electronics. It is an old habit from my college days, which I will bring back. While it is not as powerful as going to the gym, but making habit of doing 20-30 abs and push abs everyday, is a healthy 5 minutes activities, regardless if did or not sports that day.

(iii) Brush teeth and wash face: Another good sign for changing clothes on time before fell asleep is before going to the bathroom. As everyone else, we have developed a good habit, which is a need to brush the teeth. Thus, I must also brush my teeth before sleep, I also wash my face, I usually might need to pee as well. When that need comes, it is good to be in the right clothes for sleeping. Those set of actions will becoming habits to tell the brain that the sleeping time is coming soon.

(iv) Electronics: First, I have higher preference to read books in hard copy over digital options. While I have school work, and sometimes things to finish, I can stay working in my computer up to late. It is good to shut down things at a certain time. The specific actions is that when I am done with my work or when it is time to sleep, I like to read a book for 5 to 15 minutes. For 6 to 7 years that book was the Bible, which was very meaningful and beautiful. After finishing it, I have read several other books, which I would like to share, when talking about reading lists. Getting away of the electronics, and developing this reading habit, also trains the brain that is time to sleep. It is important that I read in the desk not in the bed, because if I am very tired, it might fall asleep while reading, which is an undesired situation, as it would affect my productivity next day. Another thing to avoid is to bring the cellphone to bed. While reading, I still will keep my cellphone with me, as I have a dictionary there, very useful thing. After reading, I might reply some messages, if there is something going on, but I will not bring the cellphone with me to bed. I rather just set the alarm for the next day on it, and leave it charging on the desk.

(v) The obvious next step is to turn off the lights and go to bed. Starting from the big bedroom light to the bedside table light. As I were glasses, I take off my glasses, turn off the bedside table, which in my case is at the bottom of the bed rather than at the side, and then I am ready to sleep. All these is so important, to get a good sleep.

(vi) The time to go to bed should be consistent, however, it is sometimes hard as deadlines or other activities might have an influence on it. In any case, my efforts are on getting a consistent bed time, in order to get 8 hours of sleep. I have found over the time how the adequate sleep boost my productivity. My ideal sleeping time is by 10 PM, then I can start my day at 6 AM. It is important to mention here, that I stopped to focus on the time that I woke up to judge my day, I rather focus on the time to go to bed as it will have an effect on the time that I will be up.

The take away is that a good sleep boosts productivity and mandates the time I will be awake. Here, I presented my empirical actions and habits that I do before sleeping to get a good rest or recharge energies for being ready for the next day.

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