Journal of Life

I have many things to say about my daily life. I am open to speak up what is in my mind right away. Here, I am happy to share mistakes and learned lessons.

I have a great delight for writing. It is a learning and reflective process.

Welcome to my site. My name is Vicente Tinoco. Currently, a PhD student in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at University of California, Berkeley.

I invite you to have a look to my blog, where you can learn something from me or identify yourself. Please leave me a comment if you read a post. I should alert you that I write posts on the fly, so it is likely that you will find grammar mistakes on them. All my posts are first drafts.

Either if you like, dislike, understand, engage, or do not understand a post, or if you find grammar mistakes, I will appreciate you will let me know.

Join me in this journey of life, where same as you, I fight everyday for improving on it.