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Kingdom of God

July 29, 2019 2:30 PM

About the years 30 AC to 33 AC, Jesus taught many things during His Ministry. Actively teaching from Galilea to Judaea.

Believing on Him, on His work, and Love many of us have found dignity and life again.

Over 2019 years, His Word had been spread from Galilee to all over the world. It still has not reached many.

I own thanks to Peter, and the witnesses, such as Mary Madgalene. Mary Madgelene was the first to received the resurrection news by Jesus. I own thanks to Peter, because despite neglecting Jesus at first, during His trial. He repented, allowed the Holy Spirit to continue working on him, and testified the Word of God.

I thank the Catholic Church for spreading the Word of Salvation over 2019 years. Of course problems have happened over this time, but the Word and promises have been kept as instructed by Jesus, and as guided by the Holy Spirit.

God bless Pope Francis, and we pray to Saint Michael to lead us on defending the Church. It goes beyond bureaucracy or properties. It is about being warriors of the Word of the Lord. “… of His Kingdom there will not end” (Lk 1, 33).

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Journal 7/24/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, July 24, 2019 4:50 PM

I am heading to campus in few minutes to continue writing my exam.

I got distracted today by the the Mueller testimony. Besides going into detail. It is good to be back to what seriousness of service is.

I also want to write something that came to mind after sleeping yesterday with the full window open. I live in a studio, so the window size is all the wall. I left it open because as a precaution of the air quality after burning the pan the whole day. I also wanted that the air recirculates inside. Over the last two years occurred destructive fires in the region, such as Tubbs fire in October 2017, and camp Fire in November 2018. We do not what might happen this year, but we need to be cautious. In addition to extreme solidarity with all the people at the places who got affected, the air quality also becomes bad all over the area. Somehow I did not thought in the past about how the homeless people, i.e. in Berkeley, face these air quality. While I use to live in a place one block from campus, and during about a week, in November 2017, that the air quality got bad, we were advised to stay at home, or to avoid outdoors activities. How the homeless people can be help in those situations?

While my role with watershed management and planning might have a preventing action on managing those wildfires, which would help to control things. In the case of emergency, are places to give a the homeless a place of shelter? How also the homeless people react to those situations? Are they willing to receive some help?

Day, Journal

Journal 7/23/’19

Berkeley, Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Seven days have passed since I started the exam. I have fourteen left to succeed. I need to speed up finishing the first section between tomorrow and Thursday.

Over breakfast, I usually cook lunch and dinner. I usually boiled water on the pan, right after frying any protein I will eat. It helps to clean up the pan.

Two Sundays ago, I cooked dinner in the afternoon. I decided to go to San Pablo lake, and later to mass at St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda. I packed things for dinner. I rented a Zipcar. I left home. While I was in the car, I honestly, got a revelation. I will narrate the full story one day. Because even the plan of mass was different at the beginning, but because I run of time, and after realizing that I forgot to bring my lunch/dinner with me, and decided to go back home and picked up. The voice was very intense on going back home. Well, what happened, I left the kitchen stove on with the pan boiling the water. It was such a relieve on that Sunday July 7.

Well, today, after going to bed at 6:30 AM, and waking up at 10:40 AM. I prepared breakfast lunch and dinner. I boiled the water in the pan as usual, while I was taking a shower. After packing things, somehow I forgot to turn off the pan. It is weird because, I normally put a wood cutting table on top of it, not because it is good to put a wood table on it, but because I haven’t bought yet a metal cover to pan to avoid spills from the fried oil. I put the wood table also when I boil the water. Today, I left. Luckily, for the first time, I have not put the table on top of it, but I left the kitchen stove on for the full day. I do not at which level, or just if I did not closed the knob completely. I think I have writing this, with the window full open, half intoxicated with the monoxide or whatever chemical, the burning pan have produced on my studio during the day. I glad I did not arrived even later. Well, I by-passed home around 10:10 PM to go to Safeways, then I arrived home to realized this scene. Still it was not enough smoke to activate the alarm. Or might be that thing does not work. I should ask that. I am very grateful nothing major happened, beyond losing a pan. I am glad, I did not put the wood on top of it in the morning for the first time.

When I arrived home, it was smelling to burn. I am also grateful that I left the window opened during the day. It helped to dissipate all the smoke. I turn off the kitchen. I spilled water on the pan. I cleaned the surroundings. It did not look that bad. Then, after sorting out the groceries. I tried to wash the pan. Then, I realized that the bottom material was just waste. I brought it immediately to the garbage. It was a good opportunity to empty my paper bin as well.

While when I arrived I picked up the book one of the books that I received today, The Idea of A University by John Henry Newman. When I left to thrown my pan downstairs, I found in my front door that any of my kind neighbors had brought the other packed that somehow I did not see when I first arrived with the groceries. The other book is Christianity and Culture, by T.S. Eliot.

Anyways, I have to go back to read the two pages that I have left in Socrates Apology by Plato, before going to sleep within the remaining monoxide. It never will happen. It seems that the air in the studio is quite clear now.

I will set an alarm to turn the kitchen stove off at 8 AM everyday.