Some opinions, perspectives on politics, and own accountability on few decisions

Berkeley, Saturday, November 14, 2020 1:55 AM

I understand that often I did not go into describing all details or into full analysis of matters I care for. I understand that having this kind of public blog for making reflections is not such of a smart choice. I understanding that writing here take away around 30 minutes or so of some days of my life. The facts are that I need some sort of accountability somewhere.

While I closed this blog, I was able to fully focus on June – July on my qualifying exams and passing them.

I sometimes wonder if the August concussion really had a bad impact on me. I think that not, but it affected some of the performance in late August and September.

Mid September and October were more active months. While my desk is clustered, making hard now find some stuff. Also, I still have books packed on boxes, which I will need to unpack at some point to keep reading and moving forward.

I am not being effective anymore. It was easy to lost focus with the elections. And so get hook by the media and youtube. For checking the election results I got a 7 day free subscription in hulu. That was in order to avoid to get hook into the infinitive “interesting” video suggestion from youtube. While one can learn some curious things with those youtube videos. It is a lack of discipline of working isolated at home to go those. Also clips are not the same as the full event.

In any case as a kind of new thing I have invested on those more than I should. Sometimes it seems that the media work in a cycle between the print media and the visual media. I mean something said in the so called television, I am not sure, if many people have tvs anymore, makes news to the print media. And the other way around also work. Things front the print media, also are mentioned in TV, but particularly on radio. I am sure more people watch TV than listen to radio. I do like, both, and podcasts. Brief news from radio are very effective, usually. I did not know until spent those hours in the live stream media, and not live as well, about the bitter combat between Fox News and CNN. Of course, I have heard about those, but I did not expect to hear derogatory comments for commenters on each side during their talking shows. I found an interest group of panelist during election time in abc news. And I think that Savannah Guthrie from MSNBC is full of life. While I try not to be a fan of TV shows, but I also acknowledge that it might be relevant to have a tv at some point, to be well informed, so I see how easy can be to become a critic, commenter, or supporter of TV shows/films. On opinion tv shows, while many watch and now is kind of required to be recorded, and so people would share in the so called social media, it is easy for critics and “comedians” to catch mistakes, or to people to build opinions on those mistakes. That could make sense somehow, but I see that people on the media need to develop a very thick skin. The problem, however, for some of those commenters is that they might become blind and proud, and start then talking or making arguments without really mean those or without being authentic. One tv channel that I really like is PBS, and their documentaries. But I enjoyed opinions in the channels I mentioned above as well. Fox news, now attacked by the far right, did a good job on election night. Saturday last week, Wolf from CNN and his colleague on the electoral board, did a good job introducing the elected president. Again, the best panel was abc, with George, with a complicated last name, Gov. Chris Christy, a madam who I think was a former republican, and others.

I can go on, on making those comments.

The point I want to make is that for learning about politics or related, main stream media, newspapers, and magazines are a better source than social media. The difference is on the editorial process.

While, I still think media can make mistakes time to time, I do not believe on consistent fake news through those channels of information. I acknowledge that because something is on the media is not necessarily true, but the responsibility to be accountable there is greater than in personal media channels.

While, I am being educated, getting an additional degree, which I think is one of the populations that opinion editorial outlets, not only reach, but are written from, I think that media represents few people, while social media networks reaches a larger population, and yet, elections decisions are defined by voters with action outside from those, but rather related to security, access to food, jobs, services, so government decisions.

Media can maximize or lead the conversation, but people is not blind, not in the sense of vision, because there are actually blind people, but in the sense of awareness.

Carrying a party label it can be a big weight. But one should keep defining a path. Involvement in politics as contributor, critic, or opposer is a duty in life. But it would be hard to speak for everyone, as one cannot assume one’s view is the same for everyone. Politics starts at any level classroom, neighborhood, and then to larger scales. Then, media can become a distractors for talking about people who we do not know, but it is still important to learn about their policies, intentions, and actions.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also appreciate that CNN invited Rick Santoroum to their panel.

Between yesterday and today, I watched the documentary American Dharma by Eric Morris, which is an almost 2 hour interview from Steve Bannon.

I do agree that manufacturing jobs should be bring back, or at least to make clear why they are not here. What is the purpose to just consume products manufactured oversees. Food security is a key aspect. Why farmers, land availability gets less attention to media than politics. Yet I have to acknowledge that US has the best print newspapers and opinion magazines in the world. Plus a variety of journals, which digest science, politics, literature, and among other topics very well.

I did not mention services, water supply, waste water management, infrastructure and services above, perhaps those are for other discussion.

I have to take a position on the political views, and that does not endorse a candidate. I think that decision is independent. I have found some of the republican policies and representative’s arguments more convincing than the often expensive programs from the left, which not one knows how to sustain indefinitely. It seems to me that republican policies promote more initiative from the individual. I think those create less restrictions from the government. I do not believe that socialism is a good way and lasting form of government. I believe that programs should have a price tag on them, and that reducing public debt to zero should be a goal.

At the end how can anyone justify to be rich having a gigantic debt. At least can be proud of richness, but to acknowledge and report how debt is being paid.

While the digital world have huge advantages on information, records, communication, calculations, and others, the physical world always will beat it. Can we afford to buy all things from outside from home? Somehow after writing that it seems that yes, we can. At the end that is part of what one does at home. Although food ingredients are not produced at home, still most of the household prepare their own food. I fully understand how the sense of pride of many American workers has been taken away by buying products not made here. I think, however, the sense of true intellect, religious freedom, and sense that working hard is wonderful virtue still lives in America.

Socialism, though have grown popular, has been beaten hard with arguments I think are true. The main one is who pays for and who runs all these governmental programs so called for reducing poverty and inequality. I think that is the good neighbor duty not the government duty. Government should take care of ensuring security, which includes living in a healthy environment. Access to clean water, etc. I do not know about the percents, which tax payers are charged across different income levels. I will learn more about that to comment on it. Another wonderful thing from digital media or services are the changes to track flows. No everyone has time to go through records, but the government in charge always needs to be as transparent as possible with the people, so balances are clear, and better actions are implemented. How long a government system could last? That is a key question, which people always should keep on mind in terms of demands and survival skills. Habits, learnings, and skills, sometimes past across generations, but nothing is warranted, not even limited to our human capacity.

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