Berkeley, Monday, October 29, 2020 2:50 pm

Life has too many distractions. even good distractions, such as good newspapers, good literature, good movies, good documentaries, wonderful places to visit, comedy shows (perhaps a source of misinformation, so you might start then when judging about misinformation), but humor is good, good journals, magazines, etc. While indeed those should take part of ones life, from the list above, I think it is essential to stay well informed, but that also requires a commentary on how much is enough time to read news. (I said read, but sometimes watching important events such as debate or a judge nomination hearing are important), but what is enough. Then, when watching those, an issue might come on checking out the satire of those, in shows such as SNL.

In the list above, I think essential is to practice sports everyday. I did not include music, because that is also essential. Reading daily outside of oneself work is key. then, one needs to leave enough time for cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, organizing one place, and enough time available to focus on work duties efficiently and effectively. Other important aspects is to get enough sleep, around 8 hours per day. There are of course additional things in the list, but then what is the key to stay focused. Often a list of things, an agenda, and structure of time helps.

Distractions sounds a wonderful thing, but when you make the adverb or verb distracted is not good any more. The word focused beats distracted by far.

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